UM Finance


August 2011 - Present
University of Michigan - Finance

The University of Michigan Finance is the main financial operations arm of the university. Before I was asked to help them out, they were running two different Drupal 5 sites which each mimicked the other so that the end user experience made it appear as if it was just one large site. However, certain menu items would actually take you to a different domain, the other Drupal site. I was brought in to merge these sites together and update them both to Drupal 6.

After completing the initial merge and update project, I've helped them to rewrite a number of custom modules in order to improve functionality and maintainability. For the most part though, all the work I've done is on the backend of the site and is not readily visible on the frontend. For instance, even though I updated and merged the sites, which included writing a new theme, I have done no design work on the site.

What I did

Updated the Finance sites from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, merged two distinct sites into one Drupal site, provide ongoing module development and maintenance (***all backend work/no design work).

  • Updated two independent sites from Drupal 5 to 6 (large number of nodes)
  • Ported moderately large number of custom modules and the site theme from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6
  • Merged two independent sites together to create single Finance site
  • Rewrote contributed module to provide functionality for university units to submit tax reports through website
  • Wrote custom data migration using Migrate module to preserve old tax reporting data
  • Rewrote contributed module to improve functionality of Mcard discount search

UM Finance