GPX Software


October 2011 - December 2012
GPX Software

GPX Software is a financial planning software company that provides a financial analysis web service. It's targeted at evaluating businesses for their financial viability, primarily for use by banks and small businesses to determine value and financial viability. GPX Software brought me in to develop their customer facing website, setup their ecommerce integration and subscription modeling, and manage the user interaction for launching their web service software from the website.

What I did

Developed site to their design specifications from scratch in Drupal, developed custom modules to provide management and launching mechanisms for GPXSoftware to launch their cloud software from within Drupal, developed custom integration with Recurly subscription billing management to handle ecommerce needs.

  • Designed custom subtheme (based on client's supplied photoshop mockups)
  • Wrote custom module to control interaction of launching, running, and exiting external software application
  • Developed custom module to manage Recurly integration, customer purchases, and product allocation

GPX Software